Keeping Busy in Retirement

Work takes up a large percentage of our time, that is why most of us dream of the day when we can finally put our feet up and relax. When the time comes for retirement, people tend to take the trips they never had time for, and do things they had always wanted to do. Usually, this happens within the first year. Afterwards, most people wonder what to do next.

Keeping busy in retirement is very important. The main reason for this is to safeguard your mental health. When we reach retirement age, we are more prone to mental health problems such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, dementia, sleep disorders among others. Keeping the mind active during this time helps reduce the risk of such ailments.

Depending on one’s interests, here are a few things that can keep you active in retirement:

Physical fitness

From cycling to water aerobics, swimming, jogging and Zumba. There are many fun ways to keep fit during retirement. Keeping fit keeps your body active, healthy and in shape.

Mental fitness

As earlier mentioned, mental fitness is important. Some fun activities that keep the mind active are; playing chess, solving puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku and engaging in in-depth conversations. It is important to do at least one activity a day that stimulates the mind.


You can coach younger ones in your field of work or even better, be a life coach to someone. This keeps you active as well as helps shape younger minds.
Volunteering – Giving back to society is a good way to keep busy in retirement. There are many places that are constantly looking for volunteers to assist in different activities.

Write a book

Yes, you may decide to write a book! It could be about your life experiences or even fictional. During retirement, you’ll have a lot of time to do this.
Art – From handcrafts to painting to drawing or even photography, when you retire, you may discover hidden talents you never knew you had.


Greenery can be very therapeutic. Tending to a garden can be a great way to spend your retirement time while also producing your own healthy and organic foods.

Read more books

Reading can take you to places you’ve never been. It activates your spirit of adventure and imagination. You can as well learn a lot from reading.

Music and dance

Listening to music can bring back good memories. Dancing has been proven to raise your happiness hormones as well. You may also consider learning to play an instrument. As long as you have the passion, it is never too late to start.

Learn culinary arts

You may also decide to take up cooking and baking classes and learn how to make great dishes for yourself as well as your family.

Spend more time with family

During your active working years, you may find that you don’t spend as much time with family as you would like. When you retire, you will have ample time to spend with your spouse, children as well as grandchildren.

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