About Us


Mwavuli Administrators Limited

Mwavuli Administrators Limited is a fully-fledged pension administrator licenced by the Retirement Benefits Authority. We are founded on efficient service delivery that is driven by research and innovation.

Our solutions range from Pension Administration to both corporate and individual schemes, Pension Advisory Research and Consulting, Independent Trustee Services, Corporate Principal Officer Services, Trustee Training and Member Pre-Retirement Training.

We are also glad to offer non-traditional services in the areas of Estate Planning, Business Structure and Process Engineering and Family Wealth Management.

As a Pension Administrator, we promote three main pension scheme arrangements

Mwavuli Pension FundFor Employers on behalf of their Employees.

Mwavuli Individual Pension PlanFor individuals seeking to save for the future

Mwavuli Income Drawdown FundFor Retirees and Individuals seeking a regular monthly income.

We are registered and regulated by the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) as a Pensions Scheme Administrator.