Mwavuli Protection

Mwavuli protection products provide cover to our members against loss of life and medical expenses. In addition, products that provide cover against financial loss are also available to members.

Mwavuli Liwaza Plus

  • This product pays a lumpsum to the beneficiaries of a deceased member.
  • Benefits are paid out within 48 hours to assist with the funeral expenses.
  • Premiums start as low as Kshs. 60 per month for a benefit of Kshs. 50,000.
  • This product is available for both employers, individuals and groups of members.

Mwavuli Imara Plus

  • This product protects against loss of salary.
  • If a member becomes deceased it pays a multiple of one times, two times, three times (or other multiple as chosen) of the member’s annual salary.
  • This product is available to employees of an organisation.
  • Individuals may opt for a fixed sum cover under Mwavuli imara.
  • A key benefit is that a member can receive cash back if claim experience is good.

Mwavuli Nafuu

  • This product will provide inpatient and outpatient medical cover to its members.