Mwavuli Pension Fund

Mwavuli Pension Fund is an umbrella scheme that is designed to allow employees of a participating employer to save towards their retirement.

Mwavuli is licensed and registered by the Retirement Benefit Authority and also registered as a tax exempt pension scheme by the Kenya Revenue Authority. We welcome you to explore more about Mwavuli.

Mwavuli allows multiple employers to enroll their employees as members of the Fund as well as allow members to transfer their benefits to another pension scheme.

Organization Structure

Mwavuli is managed by a corporate team of professionals that include:

  • The Corporate Trustee who is responsible for oversight of the Fund.The corporate trustee of the scheme is ITSL , a subsidiary of ICEA Lion.
  • The Custodian who is responsible for the holding title to all assets of the Fund. The present custodian is NIC Bank Ltd.
  • The Scheme Actuary who advises the trustees on the affairs of the Fund.
  • The Fund Managers/insurance companies who are responsible for advising the trustees on investments of the Fund.

Our History